About Lil

When Lil was still a textile sourcing manager with high pressure work environment, traveling had become the saviour of her sanity. After she quit her job in 2015, she totally left the professional life for 6 months and went to travel around Indonesia, almost forgot how to differentiate the fabric qualities.

Then when she finally made a return to the textile world in early 2016, she could only manage to stay at the company for 4 months before her adventure to 17 cities in Europe began. Currently she enjoys her role as Procurement Manager in Bali after leaving Jakarta in February 2018.

And as for writing, in 2015, she had an article published in a travel magazine that can be read here and here.

She also  guest-posted 2 articles on an inspiring-women-to-travel blog, lovecreatewander.com based on request thru instagram, but the site is down already now:

Waerebo Enchanting Old Village

Another Side of Flores – Bena Village And Kelimutu Lake