Sumba: A 4-Day Overland Trip

Since 2 years ago I already heard about how exotic Sumba was. I should have been there 2 months ago but something occured that I should have dropped the plan. But then, after several times failed to travel to this island, finally I could make it before taking a month break for good. Well, December will be a busy month for deciding my new career in 2016 and a holy trip to middle east.
Sumba is in the province of Nusa Tenggara Timur (East Nusa Tenggara) that has been categorised by the World Wildlife Fund as the Sumba deciduous forests ecoregion. Most flights to Sumba with ports in Tambolaka and Waingapu are via Denpasar, Bali. Tourists that stay for a long period love the ambience of Sumba that offers beautiful beaches, bizarre landscapes with untouched nature, traditional villages with their typical houses and unique lifestyle.

Day 1: Traveling With New Friends

I arrived in Sumba through Tambolaka on November 12 with the other 14 people that would be traveling together. The trip was arranged by budgetour.
The full team at the airport (Picture from Ferry's camera)
The full team at the airport (Picture from Ferry’s camera)


On the first day, from the airport we straightly went to Ratenggaro to have some moment taking pictures of the old village. 





Uma Kelada - Ratenggaro's traditional houses
Uma Kelada – Ratenggaro’s traditional houses



Massive tombs of Ratenggaro, just a few meters off the beach
Massive tombs of Ratenggaro, just a few meters off the beach



In the afternoon, we stayed at Danau Weekuri (Weekuri Lake) until sunset time after swimming around the hidden lagoon. 



Thank you, Budgetour, for the colorful donuts, we love them! Lol
Thank you, Budgetour, for the colorful donuts, we love them! Lol


Picture from Dannish’s camera


And before we called it a night in southeast Sumba, we had dinner at the famous Warung Gula Garam that served us decent foods with strong wifi connection.


Warung Gula Garam
Warung Gula Garam



Day 2: Lapopu Waterfall And Tarimbang Beach

The next day after checking out of Hotel Sinar Tambolaka,  we went to Lapopu waterfall in west Sumba until noon before heading to Pantai Tarimbang for a beach camp around Martens Guesthouse. Having barbeque dinner by the beach was absolutely the climax of our second night in Sumba. Decent foods, nice ambience, great weather, sandy beach, good companions, we couldn’t ask for more. By the way, Marten Guesthouse has lovely huts for visitors that would spend the night at Tarimbang. Many surfers stay at the guesthouse for a month or more.



I love hammocking!
I love hammocking!



My kind of favorite morning




Picture from Ferry's camera
Before leaving Tarimbang (Picture from Ferry’s camera)



Day 3: East Sumba

The east of the island’s landscape resembles a savannah. Tarimbang is already the east part of Sumba actually. From here, we explored some parts of East Sumba : Wairinding or Waerinding Hill and Walakiri Beach. And we spent the night in Waingapu at Sacca Residence and Resto, a newly built inn owned by Ms. Luh Sukasih, a Balinese Lady. The inn can be reached at email or phone (0387) 62677.



Me, getting absorbed in Wairinding's vibe
Me, getting absorbed in Wairinding’s vibe




Day 4: Last Day

Puru Kambera was the last spot before we left Sumba on our fourth day. The view of the savannah was so enchanting. While we were heading there, some wild horses, cows and buffalos walked beautifully in the savannah. I asked the driver to stop the car and snapped some photos from the window. Thank God I already got 18-200 lens at that time so that it was possible to get decent pictures from afar.



Nice jump, @ririfebi ! . . . #purukambera #soyouthinkyoucantjump #sumba #thelifecycleoflil #savannah

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There are still so many beautiful places in Sumba that I need to explore in the future. So, Sumba, call me again some other time, alright ? And thanks to budgetour for the great trip.



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