Getting Around Basel in One Day?

When other towns or cities and villages of Switzerland offer the luxurious getaways with the natural beauties of Swiss Alps, lakes and valleys, Basel offers a cultural old town with scenic riverview of Rhine.

After experiencing train trip from Tirano to St. Moritz (that can be read here), we (I was traveling with 2 others from Indonesia) were heading to Basel with SBB train with tickets that I reserved online. When we bought tickets of Tirano – St. Moritz, the lady of ticketing office at Tirano train station told us not to buy the tickets separatedly because they would be much more expensive compared to buying them at the same time even though with multiple destinations. But sometimes with reserved tickets I feel secured when I need to travel on tight itinerary, so I thought it was fine.

It was such a pity we only had one day to explore Basel. There are so many historical attractions and cultural events that I found very interesting. But rescheduling the flight to Amsterdam could be a hassle so we just went with the initial plan, one day one night in Basel.



Rather than taking trams or bicycle, for me walking was much more convenient to enjoy the city. Those cute cobblestone alleys with beautiful buildings really made my camera fall in love, deeply.



For art lovers, this city also offers more than 30 museums worth visiting, but I’m not a museum person so I skipped them.

When you feel tired of walking after visiting some museums, you can try to stop by an open air coffee shop to absorb the warm feeling that I had when I was in Basel.

Having lunch at the Marktplatz can be a nice option to enjoy the lively surroundings after taking some pictures at Rathaus (town hall).



Not far from the old town, we wandered along Wettstein bridge for a while to enjoy the stunning view of Rhein and Basler Münster (Basel’s chatedral).

For the rest of the day, we finally used our free transport card that provided by Ibis Hotel to go around Basel.


The view from Wettstein Bridge: Mittlere Brücke (Middle Bridge) across Rhine River





The reason why I decided to stay overnight in Basel because we had an early morning flight to Amsterdam. My friends agreed with my suggestion, so we removed Lucerne from the itinerary. Somehow I didn’t regret to pick Basel over Lucerne because Basel gave different vibe of Switzerland to me while I thought Lucerne might look quite similar to St. Moritz.

Sadly, we had to leave Basel for Amsterdam. I wish I could come back to stay for at least a week to feel the more warmth of Basel.


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