2021: Moments To Surrender

2020 was indeed a global tough year due to a sudden covid19 attack worldwide that also had caused cancelations of attending textile exhibitions in China and traveling to some places. I even found my self toxic from my own energy that hopefully wouldn’t transfer to my surroundings. Later in December, I found some enlightments and lots of things gladly went better.

This January might be my last month in Bali that I had decided to submit my resignation from Magali Pascal early November last year and I will only work until mid January. I really need some time to break free from work and rest my mind, to fully surrender and heal. I might start writing again after getting back to my element, staying close to my family and besties with hopes we can support each other easily during this heavier stage of pandemic and I can do more beautiful things to increase my vibration.

I really tried to have closure with my toxic energy by taking some time off from work for 2 weeks now by enjoying quiet time at home, wandering around alone, staying at Unggasan on new year’s eve and visiting a waterfall in Gianyar on my very first day of this year. I ended my 2020 at a beautiful place and started my 2021 by getting close again with nature like I did in the past.

The Kirana Unggasan: lovely huts with ocean view

Credit to Natalie Tailor – Surrender

Stay strong, healthy and be happy! Have a better and wonderful 2021, we will have so many reunions and improved lives for sure so get ready for them! Sending lots of green energy from Bali.

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