Don’t wake Me Up When September Ends?

Another birthday getaway before October started, that was planned hopelessly because Jessica –my travelmate– and I could only leave on weekend. She flew from Jakarta to Labuan Bajo while I was from Denpasar, of course.

Just several days before the departure, Jess told me that her hubby wanted to join us and I said no problem. Even though I traveled with a 2-month newlywed couple, I survived without getting jelly until the end of the tripΒ πŸ˜‰

This trip got my fins broken and ruined my favourite sneakers after hiking Padar Island. But I don’t mind! It was a terrific getaway!




The Wae Cicu Beach Inn

After speculating this and that, finally I made it happen to have my birthday in so much peak of gratefulness. The beach inn that I selected after canceling my initial reservation at Kanawa Resort turned out to be the cutest place on earth that I later planned to make it as a hideout if incase I’m in the need to get a mood to blog or else. It’s decided.

A wooden room and a nice cafetaria with gorgeous beach view. Some nemos just several meters from the beach. That killing sunset. And the not-a-pricey-place-with-so-many-benefits I call it. I just love all about it.



The Breakfast View
Just several meters from the beach, I spotted them!
Snorkeling until the sun left me




The B Day

After asking several tour operators that usually arrange one-day trip which includes Kanawa and Padar Island, but then disappointed because the packages prices didn’t meet our expectation, we decided to take private tour from Wae Cicu Beach Inn. 2.7 mio for Padar and Kanawa. But, Jess told me on the phone when I just landed at Labuan Bajo International Airport if the trip would use fishing boat that’s believed too slow, it may take 3 hours to Padar while normally it only takes 1.5 hours by regular boat?

So yeah, we changed plan. We took a tour from Alba Cruise with cost Idr 1,350,000/person, a peak season price while normal one is just 1,2 mio. The foreigners had to pay Idr 750,000 more for the admission fee of Komodo National Park. But the tour was decent, we were too satisfied.

In a day, we could complete package of trekking, beaching, swimming with mantas, beautiful underwater view, and 2nd time komodo-ing. Full of foreigners except Jess and me as locals. They also provided a nice lunch, snorkel gears and shuttle service included in the package.

I was too excited and didn’t care about my left ankle that got swollen again after having too much activities in a dayΒ Β πŸ˜†

Until next year’s birthday getaway!

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