Egypt Part 2: Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel

I don’t want to weep, but I lost my draft that I wrote since months ago, and I have to rewrite about this trip now. Yeah, life is sometimes hard, Lil  πŸ˜†

This post took much longer time than others since there are so many pictures to be selected.

On our very first day in Cairo, Iqbal –our driver–helped us to purchase the train tickets to Luxor. So on 2nd night in Egypt, we hopped on the night train. It was a nice trip, the meals were not bad. And we slept nicely during the trip.


Inside the trains cabin


Togetherness when we were in Luxor & Aswan








We arrived early morning in Luxor, directly headed to Nefertiti Hotel that we picked and reserved on I love the hotel’s rooftop a lot! But we had some disagreement with the hotel managers because of a silly reason for letting us wait for hours to move to a new room on the 2nd night of our stay. But they tried to compensate with free dinner, we refused of course! We have prides  πŸ˜†

We decided to take a tour from the hotel. Snacks were inclusive in the package. They appointed Mr. Ahboudy as our tour guide. A lovely guy, a very strict guide that made us fulfill all tour plans. His powerful warning is “Don’t let the indoor guide take picture of you for money inside the forbidden area, please.”

On the first day after resting a bit, we went for a restaurant nearby for breakfast then strolled around the city centre. Luxor temple was on walking distance from our hotel.

I love this city, the ambience is so different from Cairo. And I could find herbs that I wanted easily. I bought 2 kgs of organic dried henna and many others. Indonesia doesn’t allow us to import herbs and my henna order on ebay was quaranteened at the custom office with no chance to get it returned to India for a refund. That’s why I was so happy I could find it in Luxor.

On second day in Luxor, we started the tour with Mr. Ahboudy. He took us to have authentic breakfast at Abydos village before exploring the heritage sites.


Now you know why I love the rooftop of Nefertiti Hotel, the breakfast was also decent



Going around Luxor with the horse cart, and no one would sit on front seat but me, heh! And that guy in frame with Sherly and me is the herbs shop owner



Luxor Temple is situated the east bank of the River Nile, in the heart of Luxor that makes people easily visit at anytime. 5 minutes only from Nefertiti Hotel



Luxor Temple



Karnak temple, which was the home of god amon, covers around 200 acres. We were already too tired exploring Luxor temple so that we beat the 2.5 kms from Luxor Temple to Karnak by horse cart while actually we could walk.



With the guys of the souvenir shop


The Valley of the Queens: Complex where many wives, Princes and Princesses of famous Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were buried



Exploring the large Valley of the kings which contains 63 tombs and chambers of pharaohs and powerful royals.



Egyptian wall paintings that made me speechless



Feeling so tiny



Mr. Ahboudy and me


Dandara or Dendara Temple is my favourite!



Dandara Temple was dedicated to The goddess of Hathor, the Goddess of maternity, love and music.. It was built in 1st century B.C





I didn’t know that we reserved the whole house in Aswan until we arrived in the village. We were so happy and it felt like home. To get there we had to take a boat to cross the Nile river. Mr. Ahboudy helped us with the boat rent. He bargained the fare for us and also arranged the schedule for Nile river cruise to Nubian Village.

What I can tell about Nubian Village, it was a lovely village that I didn’t want to leave. The vibes, the colorful displays allover the village, the foods, everything! I want to be a Nubian woman, like one on a tarot youtube channel.

We happened to enjoy the afternoon’s view of Nile river, clay mask party (I had the pictures but lost them, too bad), then the four ladies showed the cooking skill at the kitchen even only for instant noodles  πŸ˜†  This was actually against my will, I tried to get healthy meals during trips and prefer to have local foods instead of junk foods. But the Nile river allowed me to have instant noodle that night, so I was forgiven.

I experienced a strange vibes when I was meditating on the terrace with the view of Nile river. Colorful electrical lights suddenly appeared in my head and I was stunned after ending the meditation. Nile river with its mistical secret!



Dedicated to two gods, Horus and the crocodile God Sobek, The Temple of Kom Ombo was healing place for ancient Egyptians. So many mummies of crocodiles inside the museum. Yeah, crocodiles!



The Nile River Cruise: So many pictures that I got during the cruise, but I cant upload all here, right?



So much in love with Nubian Village



So much! I wish I could live at this Village



Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel has become a favorite destination that’s why Mr. Ahboudy asked us to get ready so early in the morning in order to reach Abu simbel before 8 am. When we arrived, we saw the complex was already crowded with touriests. I don’t know how those photographers could get pictures with no people in frame, photoshop? And It’s possible to reserve the place for personal purpose, except he’s a powerful person.


Abu Simbel is a site of two temples built by the Ramses II (reigned 1279–13 BC), the efforts in relocating the temples with the help of UNESCO in order to save them from being submerged beneath the rising waters of Lake nasser, were filmed and we could watch them inside the temple



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