Lil’s Rules of Happiness

♣ Smile often & always say thank you

♣ Eat healthy meals. Eat 1 raw carrot a day, avoid any meals made of soybean

♣ Meditate daily to raise vibration

♣ Disconnect from negativity and any form of lies, betrayals, selfishness, arrogance, jealousy

♣ Go to nature more often to increase unconditional love to the universe

♣ Use more intuition than mind

♣ No more harmful skin care products, use only organic stuffs

♣ Increase self-love

♣ Stay away from conflict, competition, drama, and toxic people

So many beautiful things have happened during this 4-month healing journey, Bali really lends me hands to support my happiness. I’ll keep counting!

I hope Bali will survive during the eruption of Mount Agung 💚

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