Splendid Long Weekend In Sombori

About 2 or 3 years ago, I planned to have a shared cost trip to Sombori, a miniature of Raja Ampat in Central Sulawesi. But this and that happened and I was too lazy to arrange it.
When Rizky –one of my travel buddies– offered his open trip for Piknik Nusantara (Pinus), I was convinced to join. Moreover Jessica –also one of my travelmates–, triggered me to join it with her. So yeah, we finally went to Sombori! Even we were put on waiting list twice before we were finally in! πŸ˜…


We Are In Sombori!


Getting there is not easy but it’s not too difficult either. It took 3 hours for us from the pier in Kendari to Sombori by traditional motorboat. Some airlines have direct flights from Jakarta and routes to Kendari through Makassar from other cities.

Since the accomodation at the island is still limited, the options to stay overnight are only the homestay and the village’s meeting hall at the front of the pier. Later I found out there were 2 small rooms located just next to the hall that could be rented.

For shower, we have to buy the water from a lady that’s always standby in front of the public bath. Rp 5,000 for each small gallon that’s enough for small activity at the rest room and the biggest one costs Rp 15,000 that’s enough for shower.

Some travelmates arranged stationaries to be donated to the local children. Buying stationary isn’t easy for them, they need to go to Kendari first. So when you guys have plan to go there, please consider to bring some stationaries or school stuffs for them.










Island Hopping

After having lunch, we went for island hopping. Pantai Pasir Panjang was the first spot to explore. We climbed up the karsts hill that has beach and sea view. It’s not easy to reach the top because the karsts are quite sharp. Make sure to wear gloves and proper footwear. I wore my booties but forgot the gloves so I got some scratches that I had to put some band aids on my fingers.
Additional things that you must prepare if you want to explore Sombori:

  • Gloves
  • Footwears for climbing
  • Snorkeling gear

After enjoying the views (and some pictures in different poses and angles), we went for snorkeling around the Pasir Panjang beach. The underwater is similar to Thousand Islands.

First destination of the island hopping on our second day was Goa Allo, a beautiful cave that has access to some karst hills with a lil bit swimming. That was second place that caused scratches on my palm. But the scratches were worth the experience and great pictures.

Second cave was Goa Berlian. It has sparkling stones and stalactites that makes the cave named Diamond cave.

The rest destinations were Sombori Hills from different angles. We got tough efforts to climb those sharp karst hills. But we had gloves, thank God.











Leaving Sombori

It wasn’t easy for me to leave Sombori. Their turquoise sea got me speechless, we really didn’t want to stop swimming.




Finally, mission accomplished, #Lilita&JessicaGoToSombori!




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