Special Journey

I haven’t been productive for months! And it’s already 2018. Time sure flies really fast.

Resolution? Hmmm… I don’t have any. But before 2017 ended yesterday, I told myself to leave all negative energy behind. It wasn’t just lip service, I have been learning how to clear myself from bad energies, unnecessary ones that I shouldn’t keep. This time I won’t share New Year Giveaways like last year, I’d share what I’ve done lately, a special journey that might be useful for others. This might feel too personal, and yeah this is a personal journey.



How The Journey Started…

I knew clearly if everything that I had planned would not always come true, but things happen for certain reasons. I tried to tell myself, the failure that occured might have led me to something great. It wasn’t easy to really absorb it as said. I tried to runaway, to deny it. But in the end, I went nowhere.

After such months of getting so busy without outcome, I finally decided to really learn how to face my failure instead of denying it. I had to accept it, then to forgive myself for failing and finally to release it.

It was a week before my birthday, I decided to do something different from last year, new thing that’s beyond my expectation it went well and much more exciting than what I wished for.

In 2016, I went to Banda Neira as a birthday getaway. I’m not into birthday celebration, so having a getaway on my birthday is kind of way to respect and love myself more. So, I told myself to plan a fantastic getaway that I called “soul healing getaway” on end of last September.

Thanks to M, my partner in crime in Bali (who later became my personal life coach) that made it so special. As if he had known my real reason to go to Bali without exact plan that time. He could read my trip was decided abruptly, I told him that I’d let him do all things, and I’d go as he led me.

M took me to join Bali Hash Harrier One, introduced me to the wild nature of Bali that made me addicted that later I came back so many times to Bali for hashing with him. We didn’t run at all, it was more like trekking than running for us. It was so much different from what I had on my previous trips on this island of gods and goddesses.

Now I’ve become the member of Hash One (that I got after 3 times hashing as visitor/returner) so everytime I’m in Bali, I’ll be hashing. I collected some pictures and videos that were uploaded by some Hashers on facebook page that I combined with mine:





The birthday trip didn’t stop after the hash run. He got me blinded with joy by taking me to the crazy motorbike ride, he claims he is a focused rider. Sometimes he acted like a cop, shouting at riders that wore no helmet. I know right, I do have a unique life coach.

And Bali Joe! That is an awesome and unique place to enjoy a birthday night out! I smiled often that night. It wasn’t an excuse, but I was really sleepy and tired after Hash. Thank you for forcing me to go out that night, M!




The Journey Continued…

After returning from Bali, I went back several times. One day I asked M to send me to see Ibu Jero in Jimbaran. She’s a famous spiritual healer and I knew her from some bloggers and an online forum. I made an appointment first with her before flying to Bali. I took an hour healing session and I felt lighter after that. She told me to always stay grounded.


With Ibu Jero



Not more than a week, confusion and question came back and attacked my mind. M said that I could go seeing famous and powerful gurus, but he tried to open my mind if actually what I needed to find was my own guru from within myself.

Once, I went to join an hour meditation class in Jakarta, at Rumah Remedi. They called it “Meditasi Bahagia” which means happiness meditation. I was late for about 15 minutes, missing the important guidance how to breathe properly and concentrate so I wasn’t really connected. But I caught the points of the session. I tried to find online guidence how to heal my 7 chakras.

Healing won’t work well if I don’t unblock them first, I finally found out. I’m glad that now I feel connected again with universe by meditating after such separation. Now I can understand very well what M meant when he said about my own guru.

This beautiful self-healing journey won’t have an end because everyday I might face different problems. By having this, I could develop and improve my self-love.

Wish you a wonderful 2018! Until the next getaway!


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