New Year Giveaways!

My very first post in 2017!

Happy new year, world!

Are you guys ready for the giveaways? 17 items with simple quizzes, each number represents the origin of the souvenir and each person can only get 1. Leave a comment and state a number with the answer, also the full delivery address so I can arrange the delivery if you win the giveaway.


1. In which country is Medina located?
2. Is Masjid An-Nabawi in Medina?
3. In which province is Lombok located?
4. In which country is Vigan located?
5. Is Padang the capital city of East Sumatra?
6. Is Melaka in Indonesia?
7. Is Vigan the capital city of Ilocos Norte?
8. Is Cambodia member of ASEAN?
9. From which country is Apsara Dance?
10. In which city is Bangkok located?
11. Is Jambi on the island of Sulawesi?
12. Is St. Petersburg located in Russia?
13. In order to visit Tibet, what kind of visa do you need besides Tibet Travel Permit?
14. What is the capital city of Taiwan?
15. Is Shanghai the capital city of People’s Republic of China?
16. Is Bali an island?
17. In which country is Mecca located?

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