I’ve Moved To Bali

Since I couldn’t hold it to leave Jakarta any longer, in early February this year I submitted my resignation letter to leave my position as purchasing manager. It was busy weeks before finally everything became under control.

And here I am, making Bali as my station of life. Starting new career at a lovely swimwear manufacturer, returning to fashion world. Trying to do more meditation and yoga. Going to beach more often. And of course, loving myself more.

I’ll be writing about my last trip in Egypt, I hope it can be posted soon, while some stories of my old trip in Europe from 2 years ago are still going nowhere 😆

And not to mention about my DIY organic skin care project, I guess I will write about it later when I’m done with the moving project completely.

One by one, I will finish my pending jobs. Universe knows I’m busy 😉

Be happy!





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