6 Months in Bali

6 months in Bali, happier than before.

But during my happy period, again, universe gave me a sign that I had to be more careful. This time I sprained my left ankle on the office stairs when I was about to leave for grocery shopping. I made some ladies at the office busy that afternoon.

This poor ankle was instantly swollen when I found my self sitting on the top stair after falling down, so huge that they had to take some ice cubes to be applied on my swollen ankle.

I had to use my trekking pole on the 2nd day in order to be able to walk here and there


A colleague took me to a lady that later helped to fix my ankle with her magic hands, I almost didn’t feel hurt so unlike with what other spiritual massagers do in Java. I could walk after that, but I guess I was too rushy for being too active. Now, after 2 weeks of the injury, I have to rest my foot because the swelling has come back. My itchy feet can’t rest for too long! Too many excitement in Bali that I don’t want to miss.

Here I am, lying in my bed, resting. Thinking about my recent weekend, a beautiful one. And so many blissful things have happened lately. So much love, Bali 💚





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